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BU Online Party Team Training

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BU Online Party Team Training

High-quality business offerings fail, because of inconsistency or indifference of the human performance. The common complaint and frustration of a young workforce are the lack of training tools for consistent repetition and natural but expected turnover combine for the perfect storm of poor human performance.  High-quality party team performance cannot be maintained without the right kind of employee and the ongoing work to mold them into the exact. Just like a garden, no matter how good the seed, soil or planting technic, if the watering, weeding and nurturing doesn’t happen, the harvest will be less.  The key to building any skill is repetition, duplicating, and practicing until it becomes a habit.

If the execution of your party delivery gets diluted, your brand cannot withstand being the price leader,

because it blends with all the other “average concepts” and in the mind of the consumer, “Why should I pay more for what I feel is no different than everyone else?”

BU Online Streaming Front Line Party Team Training Modules $150 per month.

  • Online access for steaming presentation or mobile digital access and links to practice files.
  • Twenty-four training modules, sessions 20-30 minutes in length.
  • Ability to stream or access from your business location or mobile digital.
  • Live stream sessions with two-way interaction once per month (rotating topics). 
  • Module Topics

Ongoing Training Modules

  • Introduction to ongoing training

  • Understanding Your Party Why

  • Party Staging

  • Party Room Interaction Games I

  • Party Room Interaction Games II

  • Party Room Interaction Games III

  • Party Host Interaction and Transitions

  • Understanding Party Parents

  • Remember When

  • Teen Party Concept

  • Balloon Hats

  • Party Host Magic

  • The Party Journey Path

  • Party Room Cupcakes and Presents

  • iMovie Time

  • Signature Move

  • Party Runner

  • Party Team Performance

  • Party Team Recruiting and Hiring

  • Jedi/Lead Training, Hiring, Training, Coaching

  • Party Packages/Booking/Marketing

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