FL Price / BU Party Installation & Ongoing Training Solution

flp_no_background_no_tag_(1).pngThe average is not a viable business model anymore. When you blend with your competitor as just another party commodity, price and location will dictate the choice. When price discounting is your strategy for more parties, you lose by doing more for less. Choose a contrarian business strategy, meaning the opposite of what everyone else is doing.  Commit and live it. Install your new contrarian unique, high-quality party program, by creating and delivering a memorable, personalized and emotionally engaged celebration.

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FL Price Online Streaming Front line Party Team Training

The number one failure of a high-quality party experience is inconsistency, conceptually, or the indifference of the human performance. The number one frustration of a young party team workforce is poor training. Being expected to behave and perform at high experience levels without the necessary tools or proper training, produces inconsistency and below average results.
Without productive training and an ongoing effort at continual improvement, education, and coaching, your results will dilute and you will get stale. Not with bad intention but the inconsistency at execution. It morphs into something you never intended and tied to the lack of top-down commitment and leadership, allowing a settling to the way it’s always been or “It’s good enough”.

***You must qualify for online streaming front line party team training

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