In Search of A Perfect Team Seminar

Atlanta, GA August 21, 9 am – 5 pm

Speakers include: Frank Price FL Price, Sherry Howell Centeredge, Alan Kumpf FunStruction Results, Rand Wright SafeparkUSA.

It’s becoming the perfect storm.   A whole new young generation emerges, the lowest unemployment rates in memory, a smarter, more selective young workforce is disrupting the employee landscape once again.   If you are frustrated trying to hire the unemployable or a young workforce who “you” need more than they need you, then this seminar is for you.   The perfect team is out there, you just don’t know where to look or how to entice and draw them to you.  If you are using outdated, irrelevant recruiting and hiring technics, then you are caught in an endless loop of employee frustration.

Relevant leadership in search of a young workforce with great attitudes, smiles, energy, enthusiasm, and personality, give real meaning to your business.   They set your facility apart from all others; by the way, they make your business “Pop”.  It’s the secret ingredient that justifies the price you can charge, and how you achieve a highly desired, intangible, value-added experience.  Your front line employee is the single most important element in determining satisfaction, personal wow and the desire to return for another visit. When guest expectations are met or exceeded they come back more often and go out and tell others about their experience.  The investment in your “People” will have the greatest impact on your long-term bottom line; no matter what tangible attraction your business offers.  This session will teach a proven system based on personality temperament fit and everything needed to recruit, hire, train, retain perfect managers and employees that become known as the place where everyone cares and has the desire to serve your guest, just like they were family.

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