FL Price / BU Party Installation & Ongoing Training Solution

Install a new or updated unique, high-quality party program, by creating and delivering a memorable, personalized and
emotionally engaged celebration. Includes:

I. Party Training Tools

  • Party Package / Pricing Template (Excel / FL Price review)
  • Party Program Competitive Analysis template
  • FL Price Party Journey Path Template (MS Word format)
  • Party Team Performance Agreement (MS Word format)
  • Personalization/interactive games manual (PDF format)
  • Party Team Recruiting / Hiring System (PDF format)
  • Qualify for FL Price ongoing live stream party training

II. FL Price On-Site Party Training (Total 20 hours)

  • Installation, overview and train party concept (2 hours)
  • Admin/ Marketing / Party Supervisors / Party Jedi / Leads train the trainer (3 hours)
  • Party marketing / booking agent training – (2 hours)
  • Front Line Party Team training – 2 sessions (total 9 hours)
    • Training Style: Classroom, live demonstration, role play and practice training
  • Front line Party Team practice / repetition training (4 hours)

III. *Qualify For FL Price Live Stream Ongoing Party Training

  • *Qualify for live stream front line party training access on Zoom App – digital and mobile (4 topics x per month)
    • Format live PowerPoint, demonstration, stories, games / activities and facilitated practice.
  • Ability to access from your business location or mobile digital
  • Zoom App (free) access code sent by client to participants through group text / email
  • Each session is recorded with 4-week accessibility link by your party team.

20 Ongoing Live Stream Training Modules (30 – 40 minutes)

  • The “Why” Behind Your Party Concept
  • The Party Journey Path
  • Party Team Performance
  • Party Staging
  • Entry/Transactions/Exit
  • Personalizing & Engaging Emotions
  • Party Room Games I
  • Party Room Games II
  • Party Room Games III
  • Party Host Tricks Of The Trade
  • Party Room Cupcakes And Presents
  • Arcade Interaction
  • Party Peak & End
  • Party Runner Duties
  • Party Packages /Booking / Party Marketing
  • Teen Party
  • Party Team Recruiting And Hiring
  • Managing, Productivity, Service Task Recovery
  • Jedi / Party Leads Training, Hiring, Training, Coaching
  • iMovie Journey Path

Investment $4800

*Additional Ongoing Live Streaming Subscription (FL Price party concept installation required to qualify for live stream training)
Single location $179 per month (open-ended agreement, cancel at any time with 30 days written notice)

Contact Frank Price at (919) 387–1966 or frank@fl-price.com to qualify