Module 1Show-me-the-money-birthday-cake

Creating Profitable Party Packages $99

  • Price for Profit Summary White sheet
  • PowerPoint Audio/Video Presentation
  • Detailed Competitive analysis worksheet and samples
  • Party Package Cost of Sales Excel Spreadsheet
  • Party Forecasting Excel Spread Sheet
  • Party room inventory Excel spreadsheet
  • Price Increase analysis Excel Spread Sheet

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 Module 2module2

Party/Event Staging Concept $99

  • Staging Concept White sheet
  • PowerPoint Audio/video Presentation with pics
  • Staging resource sheet
  • Staging activities and games directions manual
  • Digital Staging Games

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Module 3indiv-module

Party Host Training Modules – Price individually or bundled (see below)

Making It Personal Module $199

  • PowerPoint Audio/video training module (12 min)
  • Training Manual
    • Process Manual (4-page manual)
    • Sample Personal interactions white sheet
  • Staging questions / pre-party call scripts (electronic download)

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party-host-moduleCupcakes & Present Presentation Module $199

  • PowerPoint Audio/video training module (12 min)
  • Cupcake/present games and activities instruction
  • Supplies and Concept Resource list

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Party Host Interactions Module $199party-host-interactions

  • PowerPoint Audio/video training module (12 min)
  • Training ManualProcess Manual & video
    • Process Manual (4-page manual)
    • Sample Personal interactions white sheet and script

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Party Team Visualization Module $199


  • Training Concept and Why White sheet
  • PowerPoint Audio/Video – FL Price stories
  • Script
  • Music

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Party Magic / Balloon Hats $199

  • PowerPoint Audio/video training module (5 min)party-hat
  • Installing Party Host Magic and Balloon Hats white sheet
  • Balloon Hat Video (12 min)
  • Party room Magic Video (20 min)
  • Magic and Balloon Hat Resource
  • Training the signature move
  • Training Concept and Why White sheet
  • PowerPoint Audio/ training video
  • Install concept

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Party Room Games $199

  • PowerPoint Audio/video training module (5 min)
  • Installing Party Games white sheet
  • Training Games Video (8 min)

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The Birthday Child Surprise $99bithday-child-surprise

  • Birthday Surprise Concept White Sheet
  • PowerPoint Audio/Video
  • Resource List

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Module 1 – 3 Bundled Price $1250

 Module 4

The Performance Agreement $199

  • PowerPoint Audio/video training module (PPT)
  • Performance agreement worksheet (PDF)
  • Experience Destination Performance agreement customizable
    template (MS Word)
  • Birthday party team performance agreement appendix
    customizable template (MS Word)

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 Module 5

Party Host Recruiting/Hiring Great Personality $199

  • Hiring Personality White sheet
  • Recruiting Plan
  • Ads and Posting Template examples
  • The Tryout Concept Process Manual
  • Tryout games and activities
  • Tryout music list – supply resources
  • Recruiting invitations and letter

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 Module 6

Training Party Hosts $199

  • Training Party Host System
  • Fluency training
  • Role play training

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Module 4 – 6 Bundled Price $500

Module 7

Party Journey Path – creating your own $399

  • Journey Path – Who What Where Why And How White Sheet
  • PowerPoint Audio/Video
  • Journey path worksheet template
  • Journey path example

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Module 8module7

Party Room Design $99

  • Party rooms For Function White Sheet
  • PowerPoint Audio/pictorial
  • Party room resource and supply

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Take the “next steps”

Put everything you’ve just learned, into action.Next-Steps-access-pass

NOW … you have the knowledge to grow and evolve your business to be relevant with today’s sophisticated market demand. Unfortunately, the percentages of people, who go to workshops, learn, get excited and then stay the same, are high.  Have the courage to take the next steps … you will be so glad you did.

At BU you discovered that Birthday parties are pure emotion.  It’s a once a year event in the lives of families that everyone intends to make special.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work that way and when something goes wrong emotions run high.  You must re-engineer your concept to eliminate these negative emotions from surfacing.  The long-lasting memory created on this day, positive or negative will in turn fuel the same level of word of mouth buzz.   Here lies the hidden success or failure of your party program.

child-birthday-partyThe average is not a viable business model anymore.  When you blend with your competitor as just another party commodity, price and location will dictate the choice.  It’s time to evolve.   Choose a contrarian business strategy, meaning the opposite of what everyone else is doing.  Commit to it and live it, without a waiver.  More importantly, stay out of the middle.  Trying to be “Some Thing” to everyone makes you “No Thing” to no one!

Start your contrarian party program by taking the next step customizing and writing your very own program.   Your creative team can craft your own unique proprietary party program and process manuals that will enable you to achieve your goal of a more unique, profitable experience destination party program.

The BU party program-writing tool is for operators looking to bridge the learning curve, save time, train consistently and become more profitable.   “It includes the same files I start with when developing customized operations manuals for clients.”  States Frank Price.

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The Complete  BU / FL Price Party Program Evolution Bundle $2495 (Licensed by location)

Complete your next step by customizing and writing your own new party program starting with the same templates FL Price uses when hired directly. Your creative team will craft your proprietary program and manuals that will enable you to achieve your goal of a more profitable experience destination party program.

Includes: Customizable templates (MS Word)manuals-frank-price

Traditional Birthday Party & Quiz (MS Word)
Teen/tween Party (MS Word)
Family Gathering Party (MS Word)
Party Admin & Booking script (MS Word)
Party Performance agreement (MS Word)
Party Packages and Pricing Formulas (MS Excel)
Instructional Manuals (PDF)
Party Team Tryout / Audition Manual (PDF)
Party Team Training Manual (PDF)
Party Room Games Manual (PDF)
Party Room Magic (PDF)
Party/Group Events Marketing (PDF)

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