frank-head“Hi … I’m Frank Price of FL Price and I love inspiring people, by getting them from point A to point B. Whether it’s you, your employee’s or guests, and especially the kids, it allows me to make a difference and create a win for everyone. I’ll help guide you to your definition of success, by challenging you to create and deliver your business in a more unique, emotionally connected and meaningful way. My company specializes in building your perfect team, using personality type placement and training systems that will make your people … an attraction, I also design and customize key revenue processes, including birthday parties and group events and the development of service culture to an experience destination. Many of you may know me as the founder of Birthday University that teaches the business of remarkable birthday parties and has toured internationally for the past sixteen years. Teaching, training, coaching and making a difference are my reasons for being put on this earth. Thank you for allowing me to what I love to do.”

Frank Price On-site Training and Custom Program Development

Developing or reengineering your party program starts with the end in mind and commitment to the party level you envision. The next step is recording the process and creating the training tools necessary to duplicate each presentation consistently at that level. FL Price will customize or re-engineer your party program with complete systems and training tools to duplicate a personalized, memorable experience.

Option Ifrank-price-training

Frank Price will research, write and customize your new party concept creating unique, interactive, high value, emotionally engaged commercial birthday party systems including:

  • Party program discovery, customized journey path
  • Party packages and pricing strategy, marketing & booking plan, brochure and web site review
  • Customized party systems / flow / scripts and process manuals
  • System for recruiting / hiring / training personality
  • Front line party team installation (training) and train the trainer
  • Follow up inspection and re-train.

Phase I Discovery, research and extract best practices. (One day site visit or via internet)
Prep to Integrate into custom concept.
Phase II – Custom party concept, systems and manual development.
Phase III – Training & Installation (see option II – install training below)
Phase IV – Evaluate / retrain site visit. (8-12 weeks after first party presentation, 2 days on site 10 hours)

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Option 2

Frank Price will provide templates and virtual coaching for “Your team will write their manuals” using the same BU electronic Word file manual templates. Includes current party concept discovery with management, package / pricing review BU process manual templates (see below) for your team to customize with coaching (2 hours)

BU party development electronic templates (single location license)party-team-manuals

  • Party process & operations manual & quiz
    • Traditional age party / Teen party / Family gathering party
  • Performance agreement, party team role descriptions
  • Forms, letters, party package spreadsheets
  • Party room games manual
  • Game templates
    Bonus: Hard copy reference materials
  • Party room magic entertainment
  • Party/group events marketing manual & booking script
  • Party team development manual
  • Adult parties and events
  • Holiday events

Option III

Installation & new party team training on site by Frank Price (15 hours)
FL Price installation training is for new or reengineered party teams as well as training the future trainer. It includes twelve hours front line party team training, four hours recruiting /party systems, three hours booking and training the future trainer session.

Day 1 (4.5 hours)teens high five
Training starts with introductions and Ice breakers, understanding the power of a birthday memory, your customized company birthday concept and systems, teach the tools to deliver the “WOW”, party systems, pre party personalization role play and planning.

Day 2 (4.5 hours)
How to teach games and other party room activities – Students demonstrate choice of games and activities to others – personalized – Attraction personalized activities training. ie – bowling lane and seating games etc. – Live party demonstration by party trainer (freeze frame) Live mini demonstration – role play parties

Day 3 (3 hours)frank bob sig move 2 copy
More role-play and practice

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Option IV

General Party Team Training – on site (7 hours) Adding Intangible Value Into Your Parties To “Wow”.

Includes: Understanding the secret of hosting memorable birthday parties. They’ll learn how and why to become the hero of the party, tools to entertain, mass customize and personalize the party. Taught through live demonstrations, hands on activities and fun will motivate and give your party team the new tools and a “jump start”, to delivering personalized, interactive parties every day.