Your Perfect Team – Hiring, Recruiting, Training and Retaining

ypt-logoYour perfect team is a complete online system that attracts, sifts out and trains the top personalities suited for the Amusement Industry and suggests the best role for placement. This creates a win for all parties involved, you, your employees and your guests.  You perfect team is the reason that your guest’s perceived value elevates, justifying a higher price and becoming a source of pride and a game changer for all involved.

  • Culture statement development template
  • Web site pages customized
    • Custom online application
    • Online personality temperament assessment
  • Recruiting by personality temperament strategy and plan
    • Placement / postings / ads by personalityteen group perfect team (2) copy
    • Personality temperaments defined for the amusement businesses by role
  • Tryout / Audition process
    • Concept, games, music, script, video clips
  • Training your perfect team
    • Training concept, a step by step system, video clips
  • Retaining your perfect team
  • The perfect management team
    • Recruiting / hiring system / leadership system
  • Ongoing updated systems, strategies and virtual training, to match new human resource trends.

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